The End Of The Year

Hey guys,

The end of the year has come and I don’t know where the year has gone!!!  I am so excited but also sad to say goodbye.  Today we have our last assembly and tomorow we have our graduation and Friday is our last day.

I am going to high school with Rachael and Hannah.  I have only met Hannah recently but I have been friends with Rachael for 7 years and I am so happy to be going to high school with her!! 

I’m sorry I havent been postin lately but I have been so busy!!  I will be even busier next year so I may have to delete my blog 🙁 

This is one of the biggest changes I’ve ever had in my life but am excited to start the next phase of my life!!  Whats the biggest change you’ve ever had in you life?? Please comment as I’d love to know!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

School Holidays

We have just come back from our school holidays and I had heaps of fun!!

I went to see two movies with my friends, Johnny English Reborn on the first Saturday with Connor, Charby, Chelsea, Tori, Rachael, Nick and Seb and Monte Carlo on the first Wednesday with Rachael, Tori, Emily and Trevy.  I like Johnny English the most but they were both good.  I also went to the local deli, oval and park with some of my friends.

In the second week my mum and I looked after our friends baby when she went into labour.  It was so fun to look after him because he is so cute and has just started talking so he copies everything you say!!!  CUTE!

I also went to two parties, Hayley’s and Hannah’s.  Hannah’s was a farm party and we went up to her farm and did heaps of fun stuff including a treausure hunt, camp cooking and motor bike riding.  Unfortunatly I was terrible at motor bike riding and crashed twice, once into a barbed wire fence and got cuts and blood all over my hand!!  I also had bruises all up my legs.  It hurt and I couldn’t walk for a few days but still fun!! 

Hayley’s party was also heaps of fun!  We went to her house and played the Chocolate game, truth and dare and spin the bottle.  We also went on a night hike and played on their local oval for a while.  When we got back to their house we had cake and then the parents started arriving.

I had an awesome time in the holidays and they definetly went way too quickly.  I can’t wait though because this is my last term at primary school!!

Pedal Prix 24 hour

We have just had the pedal prix 24 hour race and it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went with my dad and arrived at Murray Bridge just after 8:am.  This means we had to wake up at 6:45am! 🙁

We set up camp then joined the group in the pit tent and had a meeting then a walk around the track.  We also had a team photo.

Between then and 2:00pm (my first ride) we went down to the basketball court and playground.  We started hezading back at 1:30pm.  In my group there was me, Emily, Clarrie and Rachael.  Our times were 2:00pm, 8:00pm, 4:00am and 10:00am.  At 2:00pm and 10:00am we had 15 minutes shifts and the other two we had 30 minute shifts. 

It took about 4:40 for me to go around the track once.  Some people took longer at different times and lots of people only took about 4:00!!  Clarrie got our teams fastest time of about 3:51.

Overall we came 10th in the primary schools division!!  We were aiming for the top 10 and achieved this.  At 8:00pm Clarrie brought us into 9th plae but after that we went down to 11th then back up to 10th!!

Brandon had the very last shift and we sprayed him with water.  He was soaked by the time he got out!!  We had another team photo then started leaving.

Pedal Prix was really fun (except having to ride at 4:00am!!)  I would definetly reccomend it to anyone who gets the chance to do it.

Pedal Prix

The pedal prix season has started again and we have already had our first race!!  It was the 6 hour race.  We were in 2 groups, a morning group and an afternoon group.  I was in the afternoon group.  Each group gets 3 hours and the 8 people in each group rotate in this time.  We did 3 laps and got timed on the 2nd lap.  We did this twice then rode 2 laps and got timed with both of the together.  I was pretty happy with my times.

The 24 hour race is coming up later this month and I am really looking forward to it.  We train every Sunday for 30 minutes.  There are 2 bikes, Fang and Cedric.  Fang is our race bike and Cedric is the training bike.  We swap bikes every week with our training bike.

I’ll post about the 24 hour race after it hapens.

Is there a sporting season that has just started for you??  Please leave a comment to let me know!!

I.B Challenge

Term 3 has started which means its time for the I.B Challenge.  This year is my final year at Primary school so I decided to make a momento.  I am making a patchwork quilt.  Each year 7 wil sign a patch.  I have decided that it will be white with a black border.  There will also be a few brightly coloured patches scattered around it.

This year our time has been cut so we have 3 weeks less han usual.  I have created a work schedule.  I might strugle to get everything finished but hopefully I’ll be alright.

I will post pictures of the final product once I’ve finished.

Almost Over!!!!!

Hi guys!!

The plays are finally over and we have nearly finished this term!!!  The plays went great and we got HEAPS of laughs from the adults!!!  We all enjoyed performing and everyoine did a GREAT job!!!!!!  I’ll try and put a slideshow on when I get some photos.

The end of the term is almost here and at the moment our schedule is cram packed!!!!!  Last week we had dress rehearsals at the hall for the plays.  On Thursday we had the actual performances and on Friday we had the cluster disco.  The cluster disco was sooo fun and they played heaps of great music and we danced the whole night.

This week we have camp!!!!!  We get back on Friday which is the end of this term!!! I can’t wait!!  We stay for two nights.  The people in my dorm are: Me, Emily, Tori, Chelsea H, Jayde, Chelsea HS and Liv.  Some of the activities we are doing are: The Giant Swing, Vertical Challenge (I don’t know what this is but we’ll find out when we get there!!), Canoeing, Archery, and heaps more!!

I’ll post about camp after!!!!!!!!


We are performing our plays to the Junior Primary students tomorow!!!!!  It has come around so quickly!!!  I can’t believe we are already starting to perform.

We are performing the plays to the JPs because they can’t get up to the hall where the proper performances are.  On Wednesday, we are going up to the hall for our fully microphoned, sound, light and dress rehearsal.  Then on Thursday we are performing for our school’s students in the hall then that night we have the final performance for the paying parents and friends.

I am pretty excited but am a bit nervous as well.  I am the narrator and hold a book with my script inside it so I can prompt people on stage in case they forget their lines (although we probably won’t need to because everyone has learnt their lines so well!!)  Trevy is the other narrator and we are both wearing simple black dresses with a black cardies over the top. 

After the performances I will post about them and might even put some photos up!!!


Wish us luck!!!!!!! 😀

MY NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!

I thought I’d let you know about my new blog.  It is a blog to start a club the Emily and I have been trying to start for 2 years!! 😀

The club is called the ME club but you’ll have to figrue out why!!

Emily and I are the two leaders but you can join and become a member.  To get in you need to answer a list of questions in a comment and get all but 3-4 right.  People who know us personally need to get them all correct.

For more information please visit The ME Club Blog.  PLease read our post if you are interested in joining and the About the ME Club page.


Thanks guys!!,

Millie 😀


This week we’ve been set an assigment to make a storybird for our buddies.  If you don’t know what storybird is, it is a website designed to help people write picture books.  It makes the artwork and all you have to do is put the words of the story in.  If you don’t know what a buddy is, it is a younger student in our school that we look out for.  All of the classes have buddy classes and then each student is paired with another younger or older student.  Emily and I are paired with a kid called Oscar.

I wrote a story for Oscar called ‘Oscar the Hero’. Here it is and I hope you like it.  (By the way, this book was written for a 7 year old)

Oscar The HeroFor Oscar on Storybird